Jedi Training Academy to close to reopen later this year as 'Jedi Training - Trials of the Temple'


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As far as the exterior goes, yes it does clash, however as with everything in DHS for the next three to four years, it will continue to be a hodgepodge of elements until the rebuilding to created cohesion is finished. So we know the star tours exterior is going to loose the movie set feel, its not a stretch to saw that will include an exterior referb.

Also the temple doesn't stick out any worse then the random Tatoonine traders that suddenly becomes part of the streets of America or magically transfers from arid dessert building to Endor forest terminal.

( also has anyone else ever thought it was strange that inside the endor terminal they adverse flights to endor, or is this covered by the its a movie set story?)


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But....but the Jedi Temple backdrop is incredibly out of place on Endor, where the exterior of Star Tours is set.
.......but Disney knows exactly what it's doing. It is the absolutely perfect decision as is the decision to remove Darth Vader. Disney is not only logical but flawless in its decision-making.
And what's worse is that they are introducing some new character who clearly looks just like Darth Vader in the back there. But he isn't. This is the worst ever. Ever!



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Is Yoda still part of the show? I didn't want to watch the video since I'm going next week.


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I know it was the first day and that the lifestylers, bloggers and Star Wars fans were out in full force but if people line up for a museum exhibit and we have hour waits for Chewbacca and Darth Vader than I don't think there will be any doubt of success for a full land (not that I ever had a doubt).


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My point was that Jedi put temples all over the galaxy on all sorts of planets, and they're going to go with what they like. Even if they put one on Endor. So it DOES fit.
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