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I give this movie 2 thumbs up! The opening act of the birds was wonderful! I thought the movie started out slow, but picked up when the little girl entered the world! This movie hasa great story, lots of laughs, and a tear jerker at the end! This is Disney at there best! I'm not really sure it topped there other pixar movies, but came very close!

Is it just me! But on the scene were there riding on the doors. I thought crossed my mind atthe theater and thought rollercoaster! Casue that scene was fast, and scary! I'm not saying Disney is going to do that, but that what popped up in my mind during the movie!

Oh, almost forgot! The star wars preview was not as bad as everybody says it is! It is true all u hear is darth Rod, I mean Darth Vador breathing! It was more or less a teaser to all the fans of Star wars! But I recommand everybody go and see this movie! Its a must!:)

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Actually, the door scene had me thinking how they could have been planning the renovation to JiYI to be themed to Monsters, Inc. by have Sully and Mike take you through the doorways into imagination. It would seemingly be very tough to make a ride's vehicles be similar to the door. However, the door chase scene was very impressive.

I thought the movie started off great. There were lots of visual gags (when Mike and Sully left the apartment) that had to be seen. One of the great things about Pixar is the attention to detail and hiding little bits in their movies. You really have to see it on the big screen to take it all in.


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me too

heh jay-rod thats too funny.the second i saw that scene too
i whispered to my wife"i know what the new roller coaster at disney is gonna be!":sohappy:

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