January Plans - Days to avoid certain parks?


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Off to Orlando for the first time in around 9 years! There from January 19th-2nd Feb.
Staying off-site so no early entry/after hours. We have 2 week passes for Disney/Universal and a 1 day ticket each for Sea World/Busch/Aquatica.

Any days to avoid at certain parks or any good days to go to certain parks? We might do Genie 1 or 2 of the days, but gonna take things at a slower pace since we have 2 whole weeks.

So far I've got-
Jan 29th a good day to rope drop Magic Kingdom as its an early closure day.
Avoid Universal parks 27/28th due to Rock the Universe (any other days this will impact?)


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MK tends to be busiest on Mondays.

You’ll also be there during the Festival of the Arts, so there might be things you specifically want to see there. Generally though Fri & Sat evenings will be busiest at Epcot.
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Oh thank you @nickys I hadn't seen the Broadway concert line-up until I looked up festival of the arts there. Will definitely plan to be in EPCOT for the Caissie Levy/Patti Murin and the Gavin Lee/Heidi Blickenstaff concerts.
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