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News January 2024 Cast Member service celebration


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Somehow this still won't be enough notice for some members to withhold criticism of closing early in order to recognize CMs who have given a minimum of a decade of service to the company.


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We were at the park this year for the "short day" and as long as you weren't paying full price - it was wonderful as the crowds were lower than I've seen the MK in years. We only were in the park for a couple of hours (3ish) and did a ton. If you are an AP or have park hoppers, I would certainly recommend taking advantage of this next year.

The best part was it allowed me to make a good "monkey's paw" joke to several cast members on the way out as they were setting up for the 3pm FoF parade. I told them to keep today in their memories and whenever they hear a guest complain about not having a parade anymore to close out the day at the MK, they can remember this and not MSEP or SpectroMagic.

Be careful what you wish for people. Want new end of day parade? TDO, no problem. Changes hours and viola, 3pm parade closes the park at 4:40pm.

Also, congratulations to the CMs for their well deserved night of honor. I had a few friends attend the one this year and it was a good night.


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With park hours for January 29, 2024 now available in My Disney Experience, here’s a reminder that Magic Kingdom is set to close at 4:30pm on that date.


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So I was curious if they bring out rare characters for this event, and dang if they didn’t bring out Wall-E this past year. After seeing the robot, I’m surprised they don’t have him out in EPCOT.

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