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I didn't know where else to post this but does anyone know where to get a good Jack Sparrow costume? I don't mean the cheap ones from the Disney store or Ebay, I mean one that actually looks like Sparrow and has everything included?

from my experience, you have to kinda put everything together. buying different things, different places.

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There is no one place to get everything. You will have to get things from multiple sources and be prepared to drop more than $3000 for a complete costume. Being Captain Jack ain't easy. Savy?

You will find many of the harder to get items at this site.

Master Replicas will be your best source for the compass, sword, flint lock, rings and hair beads but all are currently out of production so finding them will be the trick. They will occasionally show up on Amazon and EBay.

CABoots will have the boots. From my understanding they made the boots used in the movie. I have a pair and they are fantastic.

You will be able to find close replicas of the sword and flintlock at Strongblade.


You other option is to make these items yourself. You will find quite a bit of information about how to do this online. Here are a few of the links that I still have from when I made mine.




This is my result from a couple of years of work.


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