Pre-Trip J,K, and L's annual Week After Thanksgiving Trip!

Hello humans!

We are getting ready for our annual pilgrimage to WDW in just over three weeks, so I thought it would be a good time to go ahead and start our pre-trip report!

Who: Me (Katie), my husband of 10 years Jason, and our 2-year-old son, Lincoln


When: Sunday, November 26th-Saturday, December 2nd

Where: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village


If you've been on the forums for a while, you may know that we travel to Disney (either coast) the week after Thanksgiving just about every year. We feel that it's the perfect week to go - you get an extra-long Thanksgiving break from work, Disney has all of the holiday decorations/trees up, and all of the holiday festivities are in full swing, without all of the insane Christmas Break crowds. I'm not ready to acknowledge that we'll have a kindergartener in three years, and our days of doing Disney while kids are in school are numbered. 😬

Since this will be our last WDW trip before we have to start buying tickets for L, we decided to splurge on the hotel for this trip. We rented DVC points through David's Vacation Rentals, and will be staying in a Savanna-view studio at Kidani Village. AKL was actually not our first choice - we wanted Wilderness Lodge (preferably the Copper Creek villas), but unsurprisingly, both Copper Creek and Boulder Ridge were already booked up when we booked in May. We are looking forward to staying at Kidani Village though, and we know Lincoln will love being able to see animals from our room!

We have four-day base tickets, and plan to take a "rest" (haha) day in the middle of the trip. We are excited to be going back after a year away, and I hope you all enjoy following along!
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