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Is there an opening date for the NBA Experience/Restaurant?


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From the details that have been posted I'm enthused about it, and I'm not a huge b-ball fan like DS is. Hes extremely excited. I think its going to be a huge draw to the area and we will see it being very, very popular. There seems to be a lot of interactive aspects that the sports fans will enjoy. Certainly will have a long lasting impact and lifespan than DQ ever thought of having.
Just watched the opening day ceremony, they had a bunch of NBA stars out which was cool. Hopefully the NBA experience is good. There seemed to be at least 300 people in attendance so that's a good sign.


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To clarify, NBA experience opens today. It seems to be geared towards NBA fans with an atmosphere to make you feel like you are in a NBA game or practice and a lot of basketball drills using new technology.

The restaurant is still TBD from what I know but seems to have a brewery vibe with lots of screens for watching sports.

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