Is the Bhaktapar Duck at Yak and Yeti worth paying extra for?


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We have the Disney Dining Plan for the upcoming trip, and one of those nights, we'll be going to Yak and Yeti. I absolutely love duck, and am interested in having that as my entree; however, I just noticed the asterisk noting that it's not included with the plan. For anyone that's had it, would it be worth it to order it separately, so basically paying the $37.99 for the dish, and I guess having a leftover dining credit? Or maybe Y&Y will let me use the TS dining credit to get a couple of appetizers?


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Sorry, but when I go to the Yaking Yeti, my eyes never make it past the Ahi Tuna Nachos...

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Sorry, but I've never had duck before. On a different note, my brother and I did have two ducks growing up that imprinted on us and followed us to the creek everyday to swim. How fun! :D

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