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Is new leadership needed at this point?

George Lucas on a Bench

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I tried to stay off the doom-and-gloom boat for as long as I could, but at this point it's the last lifeboat off this sinking ship.

Let's just review some of the facts here and feel free to contribute your own as we make a case against the current Disney management. Obviously, we specialize in Disneyland here, but wherever else the company may be failing, I'd be interested to learn.

1. Galaxy Edge Flops

At this point, it's a flop. People didn't turn up for it. Many of those who did ended up disappointed or just baffled. I think we logically went in expecting what Disney was promising with this "immersive" shtick. I guess we know better at this point. Obviously, all entertainment was cut from the land aside from very underwhelming characters who already appeared in Tomorrowland. There were no aliens, droids or that bounty hunter guy giving you crap if you crashed the Millennium Falcon. They don't even have music playing in there. It's a big desolate depressing middle eastern town in a canyon that doesn't have any of the qualities that people love about Star Wars. A big themed strip mall of overpriced nerdchandise with a disastrous ride that never opened and one disappointing simulator screen ride that no one is realistically ranking among the other real E Tickets at Disneyland.

2. The parks are dead

No one could have predicted that the parks would be dead for weeks in the summertime with seemingly record low attendance. CMs went from being prepared for Disneyland to reach capacity to having all their hours cut. A virtual queue for Galaxy Edge was invented and never used after the first day, when it wasn't even necessary.

3. Bizarre "Pop-Up Store" in Main Street theater

Yeah, I never go in here either, but the obviously strange decision to begin selling merchandise in this minor attraction in the most classic area of Disneyland rubbed many people the wrong way. In a seemingly unprecedented move, Disney responded to the backlash on social media and not only removed the merchandise, but added benches inside. With so much overpriced merchandise cluttering up so much of DLR as it is (Including much of Galaxy Edge), did they really need to shoehorn a store into this little theater? Obviously not. For many, that decision is reason enough to fire the people in charge.

4. Everything is overpriced and getting more expensive

I'm adding this one even though absurdly high prices have been the norm at theme parks and anywhere you go for a while now. I bring my own Tab and vegan sandwiches into the park because everything is so ludicrously overpriced. I did, however, recently eat at DLR and my overpriced meal was served on a tiny plate for toddlers with a pathetic portion while my fountain Diet Coke sloshed out all over the place because they don't even have lids. Terrible.

5. Cheap overlays and spinners

This one really ticks people off. Admittedly, I defend Guardians of the Galaxy. I think they did a decent job with it considering they were tasked with transforming the Tower of Terror into a funnybook movie space tower and it's perhaps a guilty pleasure. But something like Pixar Pier is impossible to defend. The Incredicoaster is such a pathetic crappy overlay. DLR has been getting absolutely screwed. DCA is like all spinning rides in the back. What the frig?

6. Poor response to Jerry Springer scene in Toontown

I hesitated to include this one. It's more bad press for DLR this month, a sad unfortunate incident. I don't blame the CMs for how they responded because I believe it's how they were trained. This is the problem. Their response isn't good enough. This goes back to whoever is calling the shots. DL should be a safe place, not somewhere guests intervene while women are being beaten up in the middle of a walkway. As it's been pointed out in the original thread which was closed like so many elevated transport rides in Tomorrowland, what if something worse were to happen? I guess we should just pray it doesn't.


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I liked Igers Georgia bluff. Can’t see the company giving up those sweet tax incentives out there, something that Sacramento failed on in the first place. I’ve been told it’s an extra 5% just to show that peach logo at the end of the credits lol

Mac Tonight

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In short, yes.

I'll also add: The Death of Attraction Originality and Uniqueness to your list of complaints. Making sure every single thing is tied to an IP is short-sighted. Though I feel like that ultimately comes from on high via the risk-averse Weatherman. For new park leadership to have a positive effect, new leadership also needs to be had from the top.


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I liked Igers Georgia bluff. Can’t see the company giving up those sweet tax incentives out there, something that Sacramento failed on in the first place. I’ve been told it’s an extra 5% just to show that peach logo at the end of the credits lol
Except now they threatened to boycott the state and backed themselves into a corner


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@George Lucas on a Bench all of those points are valid, and you aren't the only one thinking it. You could also add the "Freeze" thing Micechat talked about with cuts to hours and entertainment and offerings and possible layoffs looming.

I said it a couple days ago in another thread, but Disneyland is having a really crummy summer. They just aren't doing well on multiple fronts. And it's only July 11th, so I won't be surprised if more problems or chaos erupts later in July and August.

The problems seem to be coming straight from the top, too. Not just the local TDA execs, but their directives from above in Burbank.

This current path Disneyland is on is not sustainable. Something, or someone, needs to change. I'm looking at Mr. Chapek. 🧐

1LE McQueen

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Well let's put it this way.. the prices keep increasing and the quality of new offerings is decreasing.. with maybe the exception of Galaxy's Edge, which itself isn't pulling in the crowds, everything else has been $hapek putting lipstick on a pig and telling me that pig is actually a Samoyed.

Hyperspace, MBO, all of PP, Marvel Land - all trash IMO.

Oh and yes we all remember when they tried to monetize the Main street Cinema


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I'm clearly the only one qualified.

In all seriousness though, I think people should hold off on calling GE a "flop" yet, wait for AP's to be unblocked and for RotR and then maybe we can call it a flop. One thing that has definitely been proven is that a lot of the hype wasn't real, considering people were expecting this to be a potter-like opening, but honestly the land isn't even finished and won't be until next year now.


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Here’s where the leadership stands:
1. CEO/chairman: REPLACE (big Wall Street...15 years is too long. Same thing happened befor)
2. BOARD: needs major changes. Non creative based Silicon Valley hacks back to the jobs deal. And people that bankrupt sandwich shops
3. Parks: replace...actually that’s the whole “consumer products division”...because that’s a terrible idea. Bye, Chappie
3. Studios: Fine
4. Pixar: Fine
5. Marvel: Fine
6. Animation: Fine
7. WDI: need some modernization
8. LFL: GOOD GOD, man...do I have to say it?!?!

...that’s all I got
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Is Galaxy's Edge really not doing that well?
It’s hard to gauge...but initial response is unquestionably not “good”
So far.

The new narrative is “wait till ROTR!!”

Um...it’s a dark ride...with really bad rebranded characters that haven’t made sense (actually they do) since 2015...so not expecting the cavalry charge there either.

Someday...likely soon...people will admit that the franchise appeal is down...but until that day dawns...


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Let us not forget that the last time TWDC was headed by creatives, it barely avoided a hostile takeover.

There should be balance, like Walt and Roy or Eisner and Wells. A creative to stretch the limits, and a money guy to keep the creative guy in check.

This is a way a company like Disney should be run.

1LE McQueen

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I'm not entirely sure we should point the finger at Iger. The things about Disneyland that irritate me in these last few years have been headed by $hapek. Iger has definitely been a positive for Disney as a whole, but the theme parks need much better management.

On another note I don't recall an uproar over Cars Land or Buena Vista St.
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