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Information on Restuarants


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Hello all,

In years past, we were able to download a list of all of the restaurants, cafes, etc and it showed how many meal plan credits it required. For example, the luau show at the Polynesian required 2 table meals per person, or someplace like Teppan Edo required only one Table credit. Does anyone know where to find this .pdf listing or if it's still available.
If anybody knows where this is and can be downloaded, could you post a link here in your reply? Thanks in advance.


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A single list is no longer available on Disney’s official site, although if you search Disney Dining Plan the site will bring up participating restaurants ~ you just need to click each location individually to find out how many credits are needed.

However a Google search will reveal an “unofficial” site (one that is not permitted to be linked on this forum) which has the info you are looking for.
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