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Infant and naps

Have not gone to WDW with a baby but did go to a theme park more local to me with a 10 month old. I saw that someone else recommended you carry an extra shirt which is a great idea. I'd also recommend you take a few extra blankets. Put them in a zippy bag. The extra shirt as well. Unexpected spills happen. Even if you don't need extra blankets because of a spill or a leaky diaper something else will come up. If nothing else you might have to park your stroller in the sun. An extra blanket over it to keep the sun from making the seat too hot can be a blessing. Learned that one the hard way.
We took my older son when he was 7 months and 18 months and my younger when he was 4 months. Boys always did great napping in the stroller when they got tired. Only issue we ever had is they would always fall asleep 20 minutes before we had dinner reservations so they would be crabby when we had to take them out to go eat. This year we are doing more lunch reservations so we can wing dinner with QS. Luckily we've been to WDW so much that we're in no rush to do everything so if we call it a night early, no one's upset.
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