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Indoor Ride Safety


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Hi I was wondering if anybody could answer my questions about what would happen during an emergency on indoor rides such as The Great Movie Ride.

During a fire:
What would happen during a fire in the GMR? Would the EStop be automatically activated? Would the vehicles just stop by an emergency exit? What about rides that have seatbelts/restraints, does a CM have to release them all?

Thanks for answering all of my weird and strange questions my imagination comes up with :)


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There are lots of exits within the rides. The ride would stop then a cast member would escort you to the nearest exit.


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I would also assume that all the ride buildings have sprinkler systems in it which if they don't put out the fire they can slow it's progress giving people more time to exit.
In general, the safest and quickest way to evacuate a ride in a fire is to cycle it until it's empty. E-Stopping and evacuating would actually take longer. Even if the fire is in the path of vehicles, you would still cycle the ride as the vehicle would offer insulation.

Movie Ride is a good one. Not sure what they would do. I know they need at least two people to evacuate each vehicle. I image they would just go full speed to the station.

Some rides actually have a "Fire Alarm Mode." Take Men in Black: If the fire alarm goes off, the vehicles return to home position and go full speed to unload.

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