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Tis the season folks! Grab your winter coats and pour some coco as it's almost time for the next installment in a forum favorite, it's the One Sentence Competition: Holiday Fun! This merry little season will be starting up on 12/15 AKA right in the midst of the holiday season! Just like many of the past seasons our carolers will only be able to use one to two sentences and a photo keeping the work to a low, and the holiday fun to a high.

During our holiday fun expect plenty of new prompts that are just pure festive fun! This season will feature all new prompts inspired by various holiday and winter activities such as, but not limited to: gift giving, togetherness, travelling, music, celebrations, vacations, feasts and more! Expect a short constructive review for each project, and plenty of points to be thrown around. Everyone who participates will get 1 point. Then, the top three will receive bronze (2 points), silver (also 2 points), and gold (3 points) medals. Plus, each round will have an "Honorable Mention" for an idea that excels in one area that deserves a special shout out, but wasn't in the top 3 overall for whatever reason. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins bragging rights and plenty of wondrous cool snowflakes ☃️

Regardless of who wins or loses the goal is just to have some plain old simple holiday fun! Get ready to spread some cheer on 12/15 when the One Sentence Competition: Holiday Fun officially begins!



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That makes two of us. It's a hard decision to have a FINAL season of the game in its current form, but alas 20 is a damn fine number to end out on and I never thought we'd see anything close to that when this crazy adventure first started waaay back on VF. The cast is already more or less solidified. As the video said it will be a potent mix of past All Stars (including some heavy hitting old-school players I can announce such as @Basketbuddy101 and @OSUPhantom aka Stitch) as well as a good combination of active newcomers. I'm going to be doing everything in my power to keep a version of the game alive past this season in a different format, but by all intents and purposes Season 20 will be "The End" as far as the proper So, You Want to be an Imagineer canon goes.​


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The 2022 Directory is completed with the current iteration of So, You Want to be an Imagineer being reserved as the first item for the 2023 Directory. In the coming days expect a new thread to become home of the 2022 Directory, and new links to be home to it alongside other years.

The Imagineering Awards have concluded the nomination process, with users still able to get their last few votes in until the voting process ends. The winners of the award will be announced on New Years Eve. The 2023 Logo Competition has completed its preliminary voting process with the final three logos being picked; vote now in the 2023 Logo Competition thread to choose next year's Imagineering forum logo.

One Sentence Competition: Holiday Fun is currently in its last legs with the competition wrapping up on December 27th. Currently all users are eligible to submit for past prompts to earn a point if they missed out on a certain prompt, and all users are still welcome to compete in the current prompts as well. To wrap up the year head on over to So, You Want to be an Imagineer Season 20: The Final Frontier to enjoy some good old fashioned armchair Imagineering team based strategy competition with exciting new challenges alongside twists and turns to keep the game interesting for all onlookers. While the competition is currently full in its roster all are welcome to watch, enjoy, and if arrangeable come on as a guest judge.

Until the next update, keep it imagineery everyone!

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