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..then I have a question for you! How long was your wedding ceremony rehearsal the day before the event? Not including the dinner which normally follows, just the rehearsal for the ceremony itself.

I am a groomsman for an upcoming ceremony but a member of our party for this trip is not involved in the ceremony and therefore not eligible for the meal which follows. I was planning to forego the meal as to not leave them on their own for too long but was curious about how long the ceremony rehearsals typically last so I can get a better idea of how to plan that evening out?

Thanks in advance!

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our rehearsal consisted of
1: go over the plan with the notary we knew
2: use our tickets to go into the Magic Kingdom
3: go in front of Cinderella's Castle
3: Do you? Do you? Sign here. Sign here. STAMP. Congrats you're married at Disney World, let's get drunk at Epcot!

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