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If you’re in a wheelchair or ecv don’t take the path from YC/BC to DHS


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Nah, they simply should have closed the path for the very short amount of time it was going to be impacted. It's not like they don't already run alternatives...
Yes, I agree...they could have closed off the path at each end for 48 hours with signs and barricades on each end and we wouldn't even be having this discussion, but alas, an MBA in the office rather than a CM with common sense or street smarts made the decision. And I bet the person who made that decision has never walked that path.


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Concrete should have been redone in sections to allow for egress as there are no safe alternate paths for wheelchairs. End of discussion.

It’s impractical to put up signage as you’d have to put up a ton of them in every conceivable language at not only the nearby Studios main entrance, but also the four resorts that connect to the path as well as guests coming from Epcot. Communication would have to go out to guests staying in those resorts by letter impacting them that the walkway is closed.

Even then, there would be people who missed seeing the sign/letter and may potentially have to trek back to the Boardwalk to wait for other means of transportation.
The concrete is a single slab across the width just like is nor everywhere else on property for guests resort pathways. So sections is not possible without altering the design.

Signage could have easily been implemented. It doesn’t need to be posted in “every conceivable language” just like other important messaging is delivered via signage.

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