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Hey guys, I am needing some advice! We are going to WDW in 345 Days we are planning to use Photo Memory Maker for our photos! With the good clarity of cell phone pictures, and videos, do you think we should just use our phones for pics and videos or use Memory Maker for $75? We are not too big on having OUR pictures taken, but this will most likely be our last trip because of ages and health.(so sad, but tis life!) I want to say use the Memory Maker service, but another part says just use our cell phones for the few face pics we would take! Another question for tech savvy friends...I have just a simple MetroPCS phone, is the a way to take videos and pics without using my data on my phone? I was thinking I could use a Micro San Disk? I don't know much about techy stuff! I guess I could just ask MetroPCS, but would like to go into it with some idea of what I want!?


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Memory Maker is $150.

How long is your trip? How often do you visit? Does your family ride the rides that offer photos on the ride?

Taking photos and videos with your phone does not use data.


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You don't have to have memory maker to get photos you can have the Disney photographers take a picture of you with your own camera so that is an option... That said most cameras on phones aren't great. Will the photos look decent on a computer monitor? Probably... but they don't always print that well.... Now the other thing to remember is the Disney photographers aren't always that good, they vary from photographers that take what they are doing seriously and try to get a good shot to some that pretty much just collect a paycheck and don't care if your head get the top cut off or not.

If you can afford it, I recommend you do the memory maker and also take your own pictures. With the memory maker you will get some special shots you would not otherwise get and you also get ride photos that if you buy individually will get pricey quickly... with the memory maker those ride photos are part of the service and cost nothing more.

But even if you get the memory maker take photos yourself too because sometimes the Disney photos are not the best and on rare occasions they don't show up at all from one particular photographer.

We generally always do them just for insurance in case our camera gets lost stolen or the memory just dies on us.

Now if you do get it, the one thing you must absolutely make certain of is that you down load them right after you get back home. If you don't you risk forgetting and if you go past the allotted time they go into computer heaven never to be seen again.


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We had Memory Maker for our last trip and loved it. Yes it's a bit expensive but I think it's worth it. There will be some photographers that will do an outstanding job and others that are horrible but you wont regret it. Also you get all your ride photos and those are some of the best. Even rides like TOT and Buzz have little videos that are great. I highly recommend getting it especially since it's your last trip for a while.

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