I need a favor please!!!


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Hey guys! So I did the WDWCP Fall 2007 and then switched seasonal afterwards. WELL I'm a student at the University of Kansas, just got my schedule at work and I have off June 5th-9th...so I was hoping to get down to Disney in order to keep my seasonal status.

Basically this is the only time this summer I can do it since I start summer classes soon. Long story short, if anyone has a couch or knows anyone who lives close to Disney and would rent me a room for those days I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! I don't have a car there :brick:and really don't want to rent one because it's uber expensive, so the closer the better. I've been searching on coachsurfers but haven't had any luck. If you want to know more about me, just send me a direct message and I'll friend you on facebook!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!
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