How would YOU have made a Star Wars land?

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I think the mistake that they made is in the cantina. they put that small robot from star tours in there, they should have put the band that was in the movies instead.


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I don't really care whether they went with old trilogy or new, to me that doesn't matter all that much. What I see as silly is putting the Galaxy edge in Disneyland where it really just doesn't fit thematically. Not that it would fit in California Adventure either... but if they were going to go buy up some property near Disneyland to build it then why not just buy up space outside somewhere around Anaheim area and build a whole new park where they could have made a bigger better Star Wars area, connected it with an Pandora land, maybe thrown in a some Marvel area and just created a sci-fi park... that would have made sense. But in Disneyland it just seems so out of place.


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They spent how many Billion Dollars to buy the world famous "Star Wars I.P."? ...and then they DON'T USE IT??!!?! They're "The I.P. Guys" now, that's all they know how do anymore, how'd they screw that up?
Exactly. The one place where people want and expect iconic characters and beloved stories and they give us something "original" (which might have been ok if it was truly spectacular and universally acknowledged as such, but Galaxy's Edge is not). Meanwhile, they destroy the thematic unity and character of California Adventure by slapping out of place IP overlays like cheap decals onto perfectly good attractions and even entire lands. If we could look into the heart$ and mind$ of the people running the place I think we'd understand exactly how they screwed it up.


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First off, they definitely botched it with the whole "this is canon!" thing. That's why there's no Vader or Luke or Han? Because they're dead? That's so silly to follow that model. By logical extension, we should now remove all traces of Woody from Toy Story Land because he left the group.

I don't understand what's wrong with just making rides based on the movies. Smuggler's Run is basically a generic simulator with a Star Wars overlay. I am beyond disappointed in it and the lack of things to do in the land. I don't care if we are "immersed, with these people struggling against the first order." I want to see Star Wars things for crying out loud! When I go on Peter Pan's Flight, Winnie the Pooh, or even over at Disneyland - Mr. Toad, Snow White, Pinocchio - I go through familiar scenes of the movie. In some cases, it's a retelling of the movie. Why not do this with Star Wars? How about a "the Story of Luke Skywalker" - a dark ride taking you through the OT, narrated by Mark Hamil as Luke? Giant AA's of him fighting Vader, getting zapped by the Emperor. New technologies and immersive show scenes, maybe even a small element of thrill. It ends with show scenes from the current trilogy, Luke says something like "now it's your turn - choose your own destiny." I dunno, something like that.

I would put bits from each trilogy: something to do with the Pod Races, a ride based on the trench run on the Death Star (interactive!), relive the opening battle from Revenge of the Sith, maybe a "Rey's Journey" attraction where you follow her story to its conclusion, "Princess Leia's X-Wing Mission" or something - you're on a mission from Princess Leia (either as the Resistance or Rebels, doesn't matter) to get something, and you ride in an X-Wing.
That's what Universal does, and it's extremely predictable.
I'm glad Disney doesn't go that route.


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I wonder, if they had made this land "non-canonical", like mixing Darth Vader with Kylo Ren, based on the way some fans obsess over what is "real" in a fictional universe, you would probably see the ultra Star Wars fans put up a big stink.

Oh, and I second the opinion: More attractions! I care not a flip about immersion (really, who is asking for this?), I don't need to play make-believe, and I don't need even more places to buy overpriced Star Wars toys. Just give me a land with a full complement of attractions that show Disney's usually Imagineering touch.


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That's what Universal does, and it's extremely predictable.
I'm glad Disney doesn't go that route.
I disagree. I quite liked everything Harry Potter-related when I visited Uni last summer. Everything else was a giant "meh," but I felt like they really nailed Harry Potter. It was fun, charming, exciting, and didn't alienate me, just a casual HP fan, from enjoying the experience.


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I disagree. I quite liked everything Harry Potter-related when I visited Uni last summer. Everything else was a giant "meh," but I felt like they really nailed Harry Potter. It was fun, charming, exciting, and didn't alienate me, just a casual HP fan, from enjoying the experience.
I know virtually nothing about HP, and when I rode the HP rides - I found that the enjoyment of them depended heavily on ones knowledge of the films and the characters.
Without that connection, my family - kids included - felt like we were missing something.
Aside from that, the whole "You did it!" "Congratulations!" wrap up of virtually everything in Uni, was redundant.


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I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but will try to hit on the important point...

1. Setting: I think going with a new planet was the right move. It allows for creative freedom and doesn't big down the designers to make it "correct" (as we know Star Wars fans an be nickpicky with details). As has been mentioned, Tatooine is the only established location that would make sense to replicate and really that comes down to the cantina and not much else.

1b. there is literally no "location"more iconic for Star Wars than the Millennium Falcon. Featuring the ship and allowing fans to be able to walk into and fly the ship was a no brainer for the land. We candebate the execution of the ride, but that was absolutely a sensible idea for the land.

2. Timeframe: going with the ST timeframe makes sense as it is the only timeframe that would allow the flexibility to use all characters from the series and make sense. I disagree with them not having more references or connection with classic characters (more on that in a bit).

3. Attractions: we'll see with RotR, but the rides included seem reasonable. Neither are too wild and have modest height restrictions but enough thrill to entertain. But what they are missing is the supporting attractions. Two big rides are fine. They needed to supplement them with other "stuff to do":

a) an indoor show of some sort. We know there are bands and shows in Star Wars cannon. Why can't we attend one on Batuu with some AA figures?
b) walk through attractions. underrated and overlooked of late, buthaving areas to walk trough and discover help to flesh out a land at a much cheaper cost than a ride. They could have had an "animal trail" with AA figures or something like Raptor encounter. Why not have a walk through of the droid factory as a non-paid experience where you can see droids being made and "learn" about the process while the paid experience adds to that (in addition to getting a droid).
c) transportation of some sort. Obviously, the third ride was cut and it sounds like it would have had horrendous capacity. Why not something more like the Peoplemover which could have been elevated, added kinetics, and had huge capacity?
d) formal M&Gs. Walk around characters are good, but why not also have actual (indoor) M&Gs as well? They could easily be integrated into the story and make sense -- like a secret meeting with Chewbacca or the droids (BB-8/R2-D2/C-3PO) to get a "mission". I've even suggested such a M&G could be used to unlock a game on the lay app you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Having R2 and 3PO would also be a nice connection for all the OT fans.
It even could be something more like ETWB where a group "meets" R2-D2/BB-8 and 3PO and the latter talks to the group. You could come up with something that is a nice mix of serious and comical for people to experience
e) obstacle course maybe? Okay, this is out there, but Shanghai has that one Camp Discovery that would have been an interesting model to do a SW makeover.

4. The Force. Ugh. This is my biggest complaint. Look, the thing that separates Star Wars from any multitude of space battle thingees is light sabers and the Force. And that isn't in the land at all (minus the lightsaber build). And they even neutered saying "May the Force Be With You" which is... strange. I understand the issues with having the Force be too prominent, but they absolutely should have some area where the Force is prominent. Going back to previously points -- why not have a Force strong area where Force Ghost Yoda is your guide and does some sort of show and you encounter dark side cave Vader (or Maul)? Could be a jungle area or an abandoned Jedi Temple, etc. This can keep the timeline/canon but allows for having other characters. I know people have said that the area isn't "Star Warsy" enough and I think something like this is what is needed to really pt it all together. Also, by having a story where an area is so strong in the Force that maybe younglings could use it if they tried really hard (think wands for Harry Potter).

5. As others have said and pointed out many times, having more droids and aliens present. Also, having streetsmosphere would be important. All that creates kinetics and a sense of activity.
I would have done everything that Universal did right with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

1. Put recognizable landmarks throughout so that fans can feel like their walking into their favourite movie. They basically built Batuu, a land similar to Tatooine, but don't want to make it Tatooin. Build a land so that the fans can relieve some of their childhood memories. Add characters in the land that made this franchise what it is today. Don't base a land on a place that no ones likes or cares for.

I would have build several areas to the land to represent all the different places we've seen throughout the movies. Hoth with a killer roller coster through the walkers, Tatooine with the Mos Eisley Cantina Bar and the Millennium Falcon, Dagobah with a water ride similar to Navi' river journey, Death Star with Vader just to name a few.

2. Make the land as interactive as possible for all ages and all budgets.
The only highlights of the land are an arcade like ride, the building of a $200 lightsaber or of a $100 droid that have a costly fee attached to them that makes us question what that park ticket we paid for gets us in this land. Disney basically made the land into an overpriced Star Wars shopping mall. What are the kids supposed to do there after they ride the Millennium Falcon? There are no kid-friendly rides or activities for them to enjoy. After all, Disney is supposed to be a family destination! There is basically nothing to do in the land other than shop.

Instead I would have added more character interaction (with characters that we all love and grew up with). I would have also added a Star Wars show that could be enjoyed by the whole family. How about a stage where the band from Mos Eisley Cantina Bar perform throughout the day. Another great idea would have been to add games in the land for the younger kids to enjoy, for example, spots where the kids can use "the force" to move objects. I would have had Jedi Masters give lessons on the force and teach the ways of the Jedi, the same way that Universal has Witches and Wizards everywhere to interact with it's guests.

3. Make the new rides in the land as cutting edge as possible. The Millennium Falcon ride is basically a glorified arcade game with a storyline similar to Star Tours. Even though it might be fun for the Star Wars fan to ride the famous ship, the younger riders in the group might find it a little disappointing when not given the pilot seat. I think they could have done a little better. That might change when the Rise of the resistance opens in December.

Ok guys so that is my take on an improved Star Wars Land. What do you all think?
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