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How to swap wives on select Disney rides?


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So here is the issue. My wife #1 and I had a friendly amicable divorce 2 years ago. We have joint custody of our 4 year old daughter Julia. I have since remarried, and wife #2 and I invited Julia's mom on our WDW trip to share expenses (we are all on a budget), and give Julia a great time with both moms. My wife and I will have a resort room and Julia and her mom will have a resort room.

So the plan is when we get to a ride boarding area that needs an accompanying adult, me and Julia ride alone for some daughter-dad time. Ex-wife and wife #2 wait on other side of boarding area. When ride returns ex-wife joins me and Julia to teach her we both support her and want to remain parents in good standing. When this ride returns to boarding area, ex-wife gets off and wife #2 boards ride with me and Julia - to give her the same type of togetherness as we always enjoy. When ride returns ex-wife takes Julia away from boarding area and me and wife #2 share the ride as a couple.

Will the cast members accommodate us? Or will they make us re-join the queue line for each time we ride?

The Empress Lilly

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I don't know your personal situation, but I do know Disney. For my unsolicited but well-meaning advice, WDW is a busy, crowded, hot, stressful environment. It can be a great place to forge a bond, sometimes. But, when WDW is being used to create or heal family ties, it more often than not tends to go awfully awry.

All too often I see kids being dragged around by adults with hopeful expectations of a permanent state of exalted happiness which is expected to make the kid succeptible to whatever grand design the parent has. Alas, commonly a recipe for disaster when the unrealistic expectations do not come to fruition, and stress turns disappointment into reproach.

I wouldn't make it all too complicated, or too designed. Kids too get bored after a second ride. Or want to, say, ride another ride with the person with whom they just had a fun ride experience with.


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The "Child swap" is for parents whose children dont meet the height requirement, so they may swap places, ride the attraction and not miss out by having to wait in line again. They will not let you "Adult swap". Youll have to decide who gets to ride each attraction with Julia, or wait in line each time. Why not trade off on rides, sometimes sitting with her, other times sit behind her.


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So you want to ride 4 times and wait only in line once?

  1. you and daughter
  2. you and ex wife and daughter
  3. you and new wife and daughter
  4. you and new wife
Yeah, that seems fair (sarcasm).

You seem to be thinking about the concept of rider swap which is for rides where the child is not tall enough to ride but to make sure each adult can ride while one waits with the child. That really is not applicable here, though.

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