How to Fix the Pier Using only Signage and Paint!

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This seems so easy I can't be the first to have thought of it, so please forgive me if you've heard this before:

  1. Repaint the Fun Wheel cabins back to Mickey & Co., rechristen it Mickey's Fun Wheel and never use "Pal-Around" ever again for anything.
  2. Retheme Emotional Whirlwind to "Donald's Explosive Tantrum."
  3. Retheme the games of skill/chance to Disney animation of the 60's and 70's (the "xerox" line era).
  4. Retheme the shops and eateries between the games and Midway Mania to Disney CGI animation like Wreck It Ralph, Meet the Robinsons and Zootopia.
  5. Leave Midway Mania and Critter Carousel as is.
  6. Remove the onboard chatter from Incredicoaster and eventually retheme it so the family is chasing a villain around the track.
  7. Restore the name "Paradise Pier," and now the huge hotel across the street makes sense again. OR rename the Pier "Animation Avenue."

Voila! Now we have a (sort of) cohesive Disney animation timeline starting on the right with Mickey, Goofy and Donald. We move through a change in animation style and on to Disney CGI and Pixar. And everybody's happy!

Rich T

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I went to DCA for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED Pixar Pier!
Awesome--It's always a good thing to get the perspective of a Disney fan experiencing an area for the first time. Most of my family enjoyed Pixar Pier about the same as Paradise Pier, and didn't complain about the changes. I'm just the group's grumpy old coot. :D

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