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How to enter the park with only confirmation number and without APP


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Hello, I'm a foreigner, coming to WDW from abroad. I can't use the Disney Experience App because they limited its downloading abroad, it's not elegible for my country, so I can't download it. I have bought the tickets to the parks on the Disney website and made a reservation for each ticket. What I received is an email containing 18 digit number and that's it.
What am I doing with those numbers? How to enter the parks without app? I remeber there was a cash desk at the entrance of the parks, is it still there? Can I give those numbers to a cashier and exchange them to a physical ticket?
I used a magic band only once when 6 years ago I stayed on disney property and they gave me it for free and when I bought a ticket from the receptionist they somehow recorded this ticket to a magic band. I dont understand how it works either. I will be staying this time near Disney Springs, can buy a magic band there but how do I record my tickets to a magic band?

Totally lost, please, tell me how to enter the parks.


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You can use your old magic band, or you can ask for a plastic ticket at the ticket desk when you arrive at the park.
Since you have used the website I assume you have an account, which means you can go to “My Disney Experience” on the website and check your magic band is still showing as active. As long as the magic band or ticket is linked to you then it will recognise the tickets etc. Think of the band / plastic ticket as a key to your account, just like a bank card.

You can also sign onto the website on your phone and use My Disney Experience to check for park reservations, ADR (restaurant) reservation numbers etc. I would start practicing on the website and get used to where things are now. And ask further questions!

Having the app is useful but not 100% essential.
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