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How to Beat the Heat in Walt Disney World


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By Brooke Schuldt, Aug 16, 2016
WDWMAGIC Contributor

Whether or not you are visit Disney World in the middle of the summer or during the holiday season, it can get crazy hot down in Florida. Sure, they sell those misting fans at every souvenir shop and you may get the occasional breeze, but if you are exploring the parks from morning until night, you need to get creative about how you keep cool on property.

These are our tried and true travel hacks for beating the heat is Disney, from getting free water all day long to strategically utilizing water rides and air conditioned places. Before you step foot outdoors, you might want to take note of these helpful tips.

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These are all fantastic tips. Disney also provides free ice water in a cup at any location that serves fountain drinks we take advantage of this often


Liker of Things
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I find the towels that you dunk in water, ring out, and wear around your neck to be helpful. I wear them on long summer runs and have recently begun incorporating them in my Disney day. I get huge sweat stains anyway, so I don't mind tucking them under my shirt and getting a few awesome looking water pools on the shirt surface.



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GOOD suggestions, should have tried these at Food & Wine last year in Epcot. The day we went was the hottest :arghh: F & W we ever attended, so conditions were not terrific ;)

Beacon Joe

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Leaving the parks by 1 PM and relaxing at the resort in the AC or in the pool, and not returning until about 5 PM works wonders. Resort loop or nothing for us... even when the monorails are offline, the launches are breezy and relaxing.