How to Beat the Heat in Walt Disney World


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By Brooke Schuldt, Aug 16, 2016
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Whether or not you are visit Disney World in the middle of the summer or during the holiday season, it can get crazy hot down in Florida. Sure, they sell those misting fans at every souvenir shop and you may get the occasional breeze, but if you are exploring the parks from morning until night, you need to get creative about how you keep cool on property.

These are our tried and true travel hacks for beating the heat is Disney, from getting free water all day long to strategically utilizing water rides and air conditioned places. Before you step foot outdoors, you might want to take note of these helpful tips.

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I find the towels that you dunk in water, ring out, and wear around your neck to be helpful. I wear them on long summer runs and have recently begun incorporating them in my Disney day. I get huge sweat stains anyway, so I don't mind tucking them under my shirt and getting a few awesome looking water pools on the shirt surface.



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GOOD suggestions, should have tried these at Food & Wine last year in Epcot. The day we went was the hottest :arghh: F & W we ever attended, so conditions were not terrific ;)

Beacon Joe

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Leaving the parks by 1 PM and relaxing at the resort in the AC or in the pool, and not returning until about 5 PM works wonders. Resort loop or nothing for us... even when the monorails are offline, the launches are breezy and relaxing.


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1. I would actually be wary of the cool towels in truth. They often are deceptive in what the offerings actually are and how much they cool you may be not nearly as effective as you are hoping for. The alternative is a very easy one. Bring a wash cloth and get it wet with the coldest water you can get. Reuseable 100% of the time and its a hell of a lot cheaper.
2. Need an ice pack? Bring along a couple ziplock bags. Not only can they be helpful protecting valuables on water rides, they also can be used as a quick ready made ice pack.
3. Ever consider freeze drying yourself? Get drenched and then goto the coldest place you can find. The colder the better. Now your clothes will take a while to cool down but all the coldness will get trapped in your clothes. As soon as you walk back out into the warm air you will notice a remarkable difference as your clothes will feel a lot cooler but still be wearable.
4. Do not buy icecream unless you are drinking water at the same time. Icecream can actually dehydrate you if your body is desperately craving water but all you are giving it is milk and sugar.
5. You don't need a cup of water for washing your head. I call this the instant water ride. Bring along a hat. In the bathroom or a drinking fountain, fill the hat up with water, and then dunk the entire thing right on your head once you are outside. You instantly will soak your head, neck shoulders, upper abdomen, and maybe your feet if you had the wisdom to wear flip flops. Baseball caps are good but don't bother if you are just wearing a visor.
6. Schedule your trips around the weather. Do the high priority attractions first, then as it gets warm you hit the water rides, then have lunch at an air conditioned restaurant, go on some indoor rides, then go on some water rides, and by then the afternoon will begin to cool down as sunset approaches.
7. Mist fans are a vanity item that gives little benefit to cooling your face. Just use the restroom and wash your face in the sink. You will get a lot wetter and it costs you nothing.
8. Free refills are good but be wise about what you drink. Some drinks may taste great but the dehydration isn't gonna be so easily reduced if your drink consists mostly of corn syrup. In the end nothing beats dehydration better than good old fashioned water. You can add a little lemonade for flavor but sticking to the water may be far more effective than guzzling down a soda.
9. Avoid machines that offer to dry you out. They are not nearly as effective as promised and some I have encountered have mold issues. The best alternative is just go on more rides or find a spot with direct sun exposure without wind.
10. Pace yourself. Rushing in the first hour or so when the park opens is not a bad idea but over time you need to reduce your momentum and carefully adjust your decisions based on how you are doing physically. Many people end up at their worst cause there is a completionist desire to do everything but I can tell you from experience that is a bad idea. Take your time and enjoy the park wisely. Don't push yourself too much or you will just end up tapping out early.

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Men and probably women get the athletic underwear made by Under armor it helps with sweating and what I call swamp *** from sweating. I also suggest bring an extra shirt it must be the kind that wic sweat away. Go to the men’s room and do a good wash with cold water and put the clean shirt on. Most of all like others have said take a break take a nap and cool down.
Since I live in Fl I say for all visitors hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate with WATER. Not soda or ice coffe or ice tea.
Make use of a place like hall of presidents where you can sit and cool down and men maybe take a 10 minute nap I have

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