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How many runDisney miles have you run?


Well-Known Member
Hey guys ... updated numbers for me too :) Looking forward to adding to this in 2018!

Dopey 2015 - 48.6
Castaway Cay 5K - 3.1
Disneyland 5K and Dumbo Challenge 2015 - 22.4
Total - 74.1 Disney miles :)


Well-Known Member
I added another 13.1 to my total, so I'm up to 283.52.

Congrats everyone! Finished my 13.1 then went to Epcot. I'm fried!

MK tomorrow then more Epcot to see The Orchestra. Again.
Awesome! We love watching them - usually we go to every show, but weren't able to go to last night's or tonight's performances. I was thrilled that they finally added Last Train to London back into their set. It's been probably 4 years or so since they've played it at Epcot. Enjoy tonight!