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How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

We are set to hit WDW for a few days before and set sail on the Caribbean on the Dream in December!! Really excited as I have been on The Wonder once and the Magic a few times but this will be the first time on the Dream.


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I've been on the Dream four times and once on the Magic. We have another Dream scheduled in June and the Wonder a year from now. The Dream is wonderful. Enjoy!
How was it?

I can say for myself that it was quite possibly the best week of my life even with getting sick for a day.
I'm sorry you got sick onboard - that is not a fun way to spend your vacation, but glad it was only for one day. Our cruise was amazing. We waited a long time to go on the Disney Cruise - partially because of the cost of the cruise itself and then the cost of 4 passports, but I'm so glad we finally did it. There was SO much onboard that we wanted to do and nowhere near enough time to do it all. To me, akin to visiting the parks the first time. Its so tough to take it all in on one trip, so we'll definitely have to try another cruise! I think we would have all been happy with 5 days at sea and 2 days at Castaway Cay. That was our favorite day of the cruise and absolutely FLEW by.