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How Many Days for You? Part 12


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Disney Pictures #313: Bedtime Stories (2009)

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...270 days until we arrive at WDW (August 12, 2023) for our "use up the freebies before the kids are off to college and vacation monies are nonexistent for the next several years" trip! We'll pay for 3 nights in a GF Resort Studio (DVC rental), for 3 days' worth of park tickets, and for our ground transportation. Everything else (airfare, food, 3 nights at Yacht Club, souvenirs, 2 more days' of parkhopper tickets) will be "free," in the sense that we're paying for it with JetBlue credit card rewards points, leftover Disney gift cards that we bought at a discount and were refunded after we canceled a trip last winter, Disney VISA rewards dollars, and 2-day parkhoppers that we were issued to make up for the "Great Boo Bash Debacle" back in 2021. :)
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