How Many Days for You? Part 12


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9 days!...

It's not our original 13 days in April for Flower & Garden... but 8 days at Boardwalk, even in the August heat, sounds pretty good right now...

so our April 2020 trip, which became our August 2020 trip, is now our February 2021 trip! 🤞🏻...

so now 203 days...
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278 days.

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We’re back from our ten day trip at the Boardwalk Villas and now we have 266 days until our next trip.

We felt safe at the resort and parks and had a great time. I will say we went to Disney Springs on a Saturday evening. It was packed and we didn't feel that safe so we ate and went back to the resort. I’m sure its different during the day on a weekday but that was a our experience.
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