how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

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Depends on the ride and the circumstances. I did 60 for Slinky once - when FP wasn't available after they re-opened. Usually though 30-40 would be what sways me from standing in line or not. And if it's E-Ticket or equivalent.

40 min wait for Splash - Yes. 40 minute wait for IaSW - No. And to me there's nothing worth waiting over 90 minutes. No matter the ride. At that point I'll just hit it next visit.


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Longest line I ever stood in was when the Indiana Jones Adventure first opened in Disneyland. It was either wait 2 1/2 hours or wait till my next visit probably 6 months later. I was blown away by the ride, but still I decided I never wanted to wait in a queue that long. The line filled up all of Adventureland, out to the hub, and through switchbacks in Frontierland!


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For a ride I have never done before, up to 90-120.

Something I've done, probably around 50 or less.


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For a ride I have never done before, up to 90-120.

Something I've done, probably around 50 or less.

I'd say I have similar stance to this - for those attractions I love (TOT, Space, Splash, Everest) I'd maybe do up to 70 mins if it was a busy day and the wait times weren't going to fluctuate much.


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I didn't wait that long but when the Frozen ride opened up a few years ago at Epcot, the wait was 5 hours. During some parts of the day the ones on line were given free ice cream.


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It depends on the ride and what else I have planned that day. I'll wait 60 minutes tops for a few - Expedition Everest, Flight of Passage, RotR, Mine Train. If it's the end of the day and the park is closing, I might push that timing or that list out just a bit. Other rides like Peter Pan, Jungle Cruise, Slinky Dog would be a little less. Some rides would be if the wait is about 15 minutes - Alien Swirling Saucers, Star Tours, Small World. I'm only doing Nemo, Little Mermaid, or Figment if they're a walk on. Finally, you would have to find a time warp and restrain me somehow to get me on Living with the Land (slight exaggeration).


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Think we waited 3 for FoP the first time and 2+ the second time and 2.5 or so for Splash one time (never again... it's not THAT good). Beyond that, prefer not to wait more than 60


I would wait 40 minutes if weather is nice. I would only wait 30 minutes if it is hot and humid and hope they overestimated on the wait time. I used fast pass in the past and I guess I got spoiled . At present the 40 minute wait seems terribly long. I am not to be in the sun for long due to an autoimmune disease. So, it is a risk for me to be in the sun for a long length of time. I' m always searching for shade at the parks . It gets difficult at times. I'm loaded down with sunscreen but it needs to be applied every 2 hours and I use an umbrella at all times.

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Usually, for me, it is 45 to 60 minutes. The first time I road Flight of Passage I got in line with a posted wait time of 120 minutes,
that turned out to be close to 180 minutes. When you are deep into the cue you just decide to keep going. For the record that
is the longest I have ever stood in line for a ride. When I see people in line for almost 5 hours, even for a brand new ride I tend
to question their sanity.


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Absent special circumstances about 45 minutes. We once, several years ago, waited 2 hours at Universal for Forbidden Journey. That's waaay too long. But it was the reason we went to Universal that day and that trip and we had no alternative, so we did it. But I would be very wary and heavily consider paying extra not to do it again. As a special circumstance outer limit, 90 minutes is probably my max, but 45-60 is the standard long wait maximum, and we will think hard even before doing those.


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32 minutes, more than that is not worth it. Why 32? I always tell the family 'we will wait 30 minutes at most.' At the 30 minutes mark, we give it two more minutes and if the line is not moving well enough, we're off to something else.

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