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how long are you willing to wait for a ride?


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As a past frequent park visitor, 15-20 minutes. Once the lines get much longer than that, we always had leaved the park and make other plans for family entertainment and/or relaxation. Since they used to have nice concerts and entertainment which didn't have significant lines to enjoy, we used to have a nice time even on crowded days. Maybe in a year or two we will try again with another pass- doubt the current model will entertain our family anymore.


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If at the beginning of the queue the time posted was 40 minutes or less I would usually try because since opening day, they always overestimated the wait times. I have gotten caught at Soarin for an hour and 20 minutes when the wait time was listed as 35 minutes. Man, they miscalculated on that one. Once you spent almost 40 minutes in a line it makes no sense to turn around and walk out only to have to start over later. If it was obvious that the line was longer then posted I just walked right on by and when back later.

The worst place for that in the early days was Universal. Whomever designed the park was an expert at hiding lines. That major lines there looked like they were short and then just before it looked like you were almost there the line would turn to the left and enter a huge tented room that was three times bigger than the original line. King Kong was one of the worst because after faking you out initially when you finally did get into the building the line was even longer in there. Back to the future was also deceptive because you would look at the show building and there was a large queue that appeared to lead up a ramp to different floors of show vehicles only to find that the line took about a dozen different turns around the sides of the building before ever reaching the ramps. I don't know what they were thinking when they ended the BttF show because after that The Simpsons was almost always a walk on and in my opinion it sucked! ET also has an external and internal queue.

BTW, the Back to the Future ride was one of the best simulator rides ever. Massive thrills when you didn't even move an inch.


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I guess 30 min or less for rides I don't care if I ride or not
If I REALLY want to ride something I have ridden before, 60 min or less.
For a ride I never rode and really want to ride, 120 min.


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That depends on the ride and when I'm at the park. Normally a half hour or less, but for some rides I will wait longer. also on some days. we were at Mk on New years eve a few years ago. Just about everything was an hour or more wait. On those days you just got to have patience.


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if it's a new ride, I could invest an hour and a half or so to wait. But I wouldn't wait more than an hour for a ride I already had ridden a number of times.


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I can't remember the last time I waited more than 20 minutes for something.

Obviously, that's going to change next time I go. 😂


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As others have said, it depends on the attraction. I've been in the WDW area all this week and the longest I waited for anything was 155 minutes that had a posted wait time of 160 minutes for RotR. To me, it was worth the wait even though I have been on it a handful of times in previous years.


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On average, 30- 45 min. depending on the ride. I feel I can invest that much time for a 2 minute ride through. If the queue is interesting enough with plenty of detail to look at, the time in line isnt so bad.


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The max with my wifes physical limitations is about 45-60. We usually try to stay around 30-45 but thats not been a realistic wait except for small attractions for our visits in the last 3 or 4 years.


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For a regular ride, 20 minutes is quick, 30 minutes seems reasonable, 45 tops and that would depend on what it was. Very rarely will we get in a one-hour+ line, but we made an exception when we rode FOP. We had already fast passed it earlier in the morning and we decided to wait 90 minutes for it at closing! We had so much fun and the time went by fast because there were 7 of us and we felt like we were ending the night with a bang! That was a special situation though. As for wait times of 2, 3, 4 hours... you wouldn't catch me in those no matter what it was.

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