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How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?


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I agree 100% that the people panicking and moving their trips may just be creating their own crowd nightmare of similar minded planners-- but truthfully, even if crowds are very heavy- when you are actually in WDW enjoying the "magic" and happiness associated with the parks, are you going to let that ruin your time there? Maybe I'm alone here, but normally things that would irritate me (rude guests, slow walkers/people stopping in the middle of the walkways, heat, long waits in said heat) I don't think twice about because A) it comes with the territory of being in a very popular vacation destination, B) you're in disney world. it really is the happiest place in the world (if you let it be).... So what if there are big crowds? You're still in the same place where most of us here count down the months til we get to go again. Bottom line-- it is going to be what you make of it.
I get what you are saying, my wife and I go enough that we just enjoy being there. We still will not wait much longer than 30 minutes or so for a ride, and so far, we always ride what we have to ride.


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Im going to be strategically sick on 8-29.


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I will be there for the first two weeks of October and I am very excited.

Bit hard for me to change plans anyway, coming from Manchester haha, hope to bump into some of you if you're around 😀
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