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How are POR and POFQ since re-opening?


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We’ll be staying at POFQ Christmas week. Has anyone stayed at either POFQ or POR since they reopened? How’s the food courts and the refillable mug stations? Any other info would be greatly appreciated! I would imagine they’re not operating at full resort capacity.


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I was at Riverside the end of October and for the most part the resort services were back to normal.
However, there were very few guests. Riverside is a cluster of two- and three-story buildings. In my walks I saw several buildings
closed/empty of guests. Not sure if it was a booking or staffing issue. The food courts at POFQ and POR had the same offerings.
I enjoyed breakfast and dinner selections during my stay. The boat(s) to Disney Springs were running and "Ye Haa" Bob Jackson
was back at the River Roost lounge.

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We stayed at POFQ on their reopening weekend last month and had an amazing time.

Boats to Disney Springs were running, Scat Cats was open, the quick service was open, self serve drink machines were open, the Beignets place was open, pool bar was open…. I can’t think of anything that wasn’t available.

I would guesstimate maybe 20% occupancy was open the week we were there, it felt like we had the whole place to ourself.

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