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AFAIK, the info is there. But I can’t get the US page up anymore, I always get redirected. However try this:
Go to the main page.
Is there some wording about resorts that have opened? Click on that link.
Go to the bottom of the page, click on Resorts and Amenities.
That’s the page.
Scroll about half way down.

Or replace the “” part with the US equivalent.
See if you can hit this link...

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It would slow down bus transportation tremendously if they had to check every single person getting on for a reservation.

Plus visiting some of the really well themed hotels can be fun.
Also, getting people to visit the resort is their sales pitch for when you come back. Disney has the advantage of having a bunch of different people from varying economic demographics visiting their WDW resort, and they make it relatively easy to see some of their nicest most expensive properties in person. As the All Star guest looks down on the Poly and then hops off and has a tropical drink there, they start to imagine maybe staying there. The Ritz Carlton might be just as great if not better but it hasn't had a monorail full of potential guests going by it for them to get sold on it for a future trip.

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