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Will they still have the Hopper pass or will that be something that will have to phased back in since you have to make a reservation now for the day and the park you are heading to so they can keep a accurate count of their numbers in each park?


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It seems like hopper passes will not do you much good in this first phase of reopening. Just my thoughts, but I think once you get in the park you may not be able to hop to another if full with their limited capacity. They have never counted the people when they leave a park so not sure how this would work.


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QUOTE; 'They have never counted the people when they leave a park so not sure how this would work.'

I would think that they would count people as they leave, so they know that the park is empty.


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I don't see park hoppers unless you can book a split reservation stay for a day. You have to leave a park by a certain time and arrive at the other after your time there has begun. All tracked by your Magic Band, but what if the people don't leave the first park? Your Magic Band gives you a shock when it's time to go? haha just a wild guess of a possibility.....

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It seems to me that you could "click out" when you leave the park, which should give a good estimate of crowds at any given time. I would be 100% ok with a message that said, "your window to park hop to Epcot will be 2 pm."


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I would expect the “live count” to be an automated process unknown to us as we both enter and leave each park.


No park hopper. There is a reservation system for the parks, one park per day. You can start making park reservations tomorrow if you already have a hotel/park reservation.


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Until they either remove the Park Pass Reservation system completely, or modify it to allow for split days between parks, there will be no Park Hopping.
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