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Hire a WDW ride narrator or pre-show host to narrate your life for a day

Who would you choose to narrate your life for a day?

  • Rod Serling -ToT

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • Judi Dench -SSE

    Votes: 7 20.6%
  • Patrick Warburton -Soarin'

    Votes: 13 38.2%
  • Phylicia Rashad -Dinosaur

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • The Ghost Host -HM

    Votes: 5 14.7%
  • Gina Torres - Mission Space

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • John (The Father) -COP

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • Eric Idle -Imagination

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • Joy Vandervort-Cobb -HOP

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Skipper (Any) -Jungle Cruise

    Votes: 1 2.9%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Michael Higgins (Bill McKim) Though maybe more to describe overall 2020, not just a specific week.

Next, your life is going to go over a variety of rough road surfaces. These are designed to test you suspension and chassis. Next, you're going to see what it's like when your life locks up, and you lose control of the steering. Hang in there! Because we can't show you life wit anti-lock breaks for a while.

- What's next?

Lets do some environmental tests! Number 2, 5, and 7.

- 7?

Yeah, 7.

Next, we're going to subject you to some corrosive tests. To see how you handle our societies' worst behavior.

We'll finish with some handling tests to see how you do with hairpin twists.

Capt. Hook

Original Poster
In the Parks
Stuck in a bit of a traffic jam earlier, and I could have used some of John's (The Father from COP) mental narration: "We have almost 8,000 automobiles in this lane you're sitting in, and we can travel by train from New York to California in less time than it will take you to get home!"


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