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We already bought ticket for the park....one night we are going to HHN...on the website I only see an option to buy both a park ticket and HHN ticket.....is there a way i can just purchase the add on ticket for 60.....I am also going to get the express pass for HHN


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There is an add-on option for previously purchased tickets. What you're currently seeing when you go to the HHN site is just a placeholder. Tickets aren't officially on sale yet, so they won't give you all the necessary information.


I would highly recommend the RIP tour!!! My husband and I did it Oct 2015 and it was fabulous. When I checked on it the cost was $20.00 more per ticket vs the express pass. The groups are small with a 'tour guide', we went to the head of every line, saw all the houses, had 'reserved seating' for Bill & Ted's stage show, and a few 'tour only' stops. It was well worth the money and I can't wait to do it again. Have fun.
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