here's a thought on how to open after the shutdown.....


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Would it make sense to open Spring without any parks open to support it. I can't see enough locals going to the overpriced Springs when money is tight. And I don't see any reason that I would visit WDW if the parks were all closed and all I could do was go to Springs. To me Springs would likely be one of the last to open because it isn't a major attraction it is just a way to siphon off guests that have tired of the parks and willing to shop.
Springs needs tourists proportionately even more than the parks; locals will not support that huge setup....

If you think that they are doing things like Paddlefish, T Rex, STK55 or pulling a 5th Dimension and going up, up in the air in a beautiful balloon in any meaningful number, think again.

What locals will do is walk it, hang out some, take a coffee at Starbucks, bite into a $10 Blaze Pizza, tap a happy hour at Raglan or queue up for a concert at House of Blues

Good points.

Probably more likely that a local would buy something in the parks than at DS...?


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As for local guest patterns at WDW they tap Epcot Food & Wine, Flower & Garden and their respective music lineups. The eat it up. Come 5pm on a Friday afternoon during Food and Wine and IT'S ON!


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The death of showcase.

I don't want Mike Davis out of Flynt Michigan who replaced Yu Ming from Yangtze basin area serving me at 9 Dragons.

If I see "Janet" from Austin, Tx behind the counter at Rose and Crown I'm not ordering. Better be Niles from Leeds or count me out.
Same. No cute Japanese girls working at Epcot? Pass. I'll go to the Korean markets here instead. Although, if Janet can even do a bad British accent I'm OK with that. They do that in Galaxy's Edge. :)
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