News Height requirements for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rides and details on FastPass+


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I really think the real reason they aren't offering FP+ for Smugglers Run is because RotR isn't open to balance off the FP demand.
The official Disney World Site:


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What? Space needs to be rebuilt, the post show is already Horizons-esque, why not change the story so it’s a flight to Brava Centauri?

I also like the idea of distinguishing Tomorrowland as Sci Fi in the movies and Epcot’s Future World being movie IP free.

But no, feel free free to dismiss it because I’m just a crazy fan that doesn’t think thing through.


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Kinda of a stupid question, but anyone know if there will be a soft opening? We are leaving 5 days before it opens and I’d hate to have to wait a year to see everything.

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