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Heat and humidity tips


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Just remember that too much sunscreen can also keep your body from perspiring as it normally would. Unless you are really fair skinned a good wide brimmed hat and long sleeve shirt can be reasonable effective.
This is good advice. When I put on too much sunscreen I end up with “sweat bubbles” that then turn into almost like a rash.


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My strategy for the heat: embrace it! I’m from the north where we have absolutely brutal winters. I’ll take a day in the high 90s over a day in the low 20s any day.

I'm in the northern US too, and unfortunately, it has yet to get warm here. Today it is in the 50s with rain. I even said to my sister that this weather is going to make it even harder on us to be in Florida in the summer.
After 15 years travelling to disneyworld in August, for me the best tip for heat and humidity it's planning. By example Magic Kingdom, I plan the fastpass according to heat, I try to distribute it According They have air conditioning and Between fastpass and fastpass I try to enter other attractions that take me by step and thus I avoid the heat. Also drink lots of water and watch the cavalcade on Main Street near the shops to get in and cool off while waiting.


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I have lived in Texas for the last 30 years. I still am not used to heat of 106+. I don't think you do acclimatize beyond a certain point.

Add Florida's humidity and I am heat stroke just waiting to happen.


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And not just for under your arms. Any place that you might get sweaty, put the deodorant. I carry around prescription strength. I'll put it anywhere I tend to charge (happens in the summer a lot) and then reapply.

When you sweat, you also lose electrolytes, so make sure you're supplementing those as well. I drink a Poweraid a day to help; a multivitamin will also help.

Try to take AC breaks where you're in AC for at least 20 minutes. Shows are a good way to do this. You'll cool off and get an attraction in. But be warned: don't go into the AC for five minutes, then leave for five minutes, then go back in for five minutes...you'll make yourself nauseated. So for instance, when walking around World Showcase, don't shop hop quickly. Either stay in or out for 10-15 minutes as a time at least.

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