Headless 5k Run


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Do it and tell us. I’d do it. Sounds really fun. I hope they build a covered bridge!

Did I go too far??!


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Sounds like the Beignet runs they do at French Quarter. Resort staff trying to setup something that is fun, and hopefully works as a profit center.


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Sounds fun. But that's my arrival day, so I'll probably skip it.


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so jealous

I bet you get to meet him at the end....

The last two years we have done the Return to Sleepy Hollow event and got to meet him.


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There is a Headless 5k Run at Fort Wilderness on Oct. 31. Does anyone know anything about this? Is it new? I'll be staying at the Fort, maybe I'll do it.

Do you have any more info about this? Should I contact Disney? I'm super interested

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