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Have you ever watched a night parade 3-4 times in one night?

Lands of Wonder

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I did, the first time I did this I was standing at the front in 2010 I saw it at the gate and had a feeling that maybe it wouldnt return when planned so I sprinted to Splash Mountain as fast as I could and saw it all over again. Ever since Id catch an extra show, I was intrigued by the Light parade not only visually and musically but technically. Id observe not only the parade but how the music changed and focus on the underliners until I figured out how it all worked.


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Parades arent my thing so normally I dont stay to watch them. But when the fire breathing Maleficent dragon was first featured in the parade, I caught it moving through Liberty square then ran around to catch it as it started to move through the hub. Then I quickly moved to the train station upper deck to watch it close up as it passed by. I was able to time it right so I could get some great photos of the dragons head close up as the flames shot out.
I was also there in Liberty Square years ago when the dragon caught on fire.

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