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Havana Nights at The Edison combines Latin music, salsa dancing, and specialty craft cocktails


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This message brought to you by Slow Wednesday Nights Club Promo Company! $15 cocktails or $5 Coronas. I guess you have to really look at the prices before you order something there.


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Is the promotional image official? it’s kind of surprising that they put “Orlando, Florida” on Disney Springs material. I get that it’s for promotional purposes to draw a potential non-Disney crowd to DS to compete with Church St., etc. in downtown Orlando.

But putting that on there is simply incorrect and misinformed. Guess that’s why I’m not a businessman. I don’t like looking ignorant just to make a few more bucks.


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The Edison has become a shell of what it was just last year. What was once a lively place on a Saturday/Sunday night at the Springs is now nothing more than a place where obnoxious bridal parties run amuck. At least their alcoholic beverages are still delicious, even if they are pricey.

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