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Haunted Mansion to Return with New Enhancements and Magic :(


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After losing Tower of Terror, I’ve been mentally bracing myself for the loss of HMH, someday. Unlike @raven24, I don’t think they’ll ever touch NBC again. I remember hearing that Disney tried to approach Burton about a sequel using CGI disguised as stop motion and apparently, he flipped his lid and said it wasn’t gonna happen. So we ended up with a “prequel” on Gameboy Advanced and a “sequel” on the PlayStation 2.

As the property ages, it might fade. Or maybe it won’t, who knows. Older films have endured for much longer.
Nightmare Before Christmas does not need a sequel at all. Love the film. Stands good on its own as a classic. but it needs to leave the mansion for good and get its own ride.


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Literally as I just typed that message I found an article online saying that Disney has a planned sequel for NBC and announced work on it back in February. However, it will be a book and not a movie, focused on Sally in her new role as Pumpkin Queen and a villain she accidentally sets loose.

Since the original NBC started as a poem, maybe a sequel will happen someday, after all. But I still agree that it definitely doesn’t need one.


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When Disney was offering up Ghost Galaxy, Halloween Screams, HMH, Big Thunder Halloween Ranch, etc., the choice was pretty clear cut to me.
A brief but delightful period! I was really surprised when Disney started backing off of their Halloween offerings. I really thought they were close to matching the pomp the park reserves for Christmas time. However, I’m sure that with Halloween events nearly being a Southern California tradition, the untapped grade school market was too tempting to ignore.


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It’s installed overnight. Like overlays at Space Mountain, Speedway, Mad Tea Party, and Pirates. Hell, the current Jungle Cruise updates are occurring with the ride open because they avoid actually closing classics like the plague.
This really gets to the root of WDW's issue: they don't want to have to close any attraction (whether for refurbishments, overlays, upgrades, etc.) because their parks don't have adequate capacity to make up for anything being closed for any noticeable period of time.

To an extent, DLR does this too: the holiday overlay for it's a small world typically runs until late-January, when HM reopens after its overlay removal, in order to avoid having both major attractions closed at the same time, even though most guests are out of the holiday spirit long before then. Similarly, regular refurbishments are done on a rolling basis, calculated to keep enough open of each type of offering throughout the park. However, DL has about 12 E-ticket attractions, while MK only has about 7, so the loss of one or two of them isn't felt as much, since there are more alternatives ready to pick up the slack. And of course, MK has a far more robust attraction roster than the other 3 WDW parks, each of which only have single-digit ride counts (total, not just E-tickets).

For many years, WDW has done everything they can to avoid adding capacity to their parks; the whole MyDisneyExperience/FastPass+ program was intended to ration the existing capacity of the attractions, rather than add capacity to the parks. Ironically, the high cost would have been nearly enough to add enough capacity to each of the 4 parks to really make a difference, but that was deemed an impractical idea.

From a clinical perspective, WDW's parks operate very efficiently: there is minimal seasonal variation in crowding and nearly every seat on every vehicle gets used all day long and all year round. However, operating so close to the limit only works well when everything is running smoothly; if any of that capacity is lost, there is very little excess elsewhere in the parks to absorb the difference.

It's not that WDW doesn't want to have seasonal offerings; although they've varied in quality and scope over the years (and are often only available at upcharge events), they've had a pretty constant churn of them through the years. Especially lately, WDW has refreshed a lot of its seasonal entertainment and decor, while DL is still running the same parade from 1995 (reusing floats from various parades prior) and fireworks from 2000. Heck, even the Living with the Land greenhouses have gotten holiday lights in recent years, despite only being open for a couple low-ridership hours after sundown. But all of the additions and overlays are done in a way that doesn't impede on daily operations, since the parks really can't afford to have anything closed.

WDW's lack of large-scale holiday overlays isn't simply because they don't want to do them or management is being too cheap for them. Sadly, it's a symptom of a much more fundamental problem at the resort that has year-round impacts.

George Lucas on a Bench

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They fixed most of the pop-up ghouls in the graveyard. Leota on the table, which I don't mind, but with my eyes adjusted to the dark this time I noticed some big cobwebs added to the boarding area after the new painting. However, I also noticed the dodgy ceiling with what appear to be missing ceiling tiles and general industrial look in the Leota room was never "fixed".


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I just hope they don't change any of the scenes in the ride or change the narration in the future, unless it's for the HMH overlay. I am not a fan of HMH, but I just want the original DL HM to continue being one of their greatest rides of all time in its prime form. I hope WDI doesn't try to change it like what they did with PotC or Jungle Cruise. I mean nothing in the Mansion is like what they replaced in those rides, so I hope any "updates" will be like updating animatronics or fixing sets. That kind of stuff. Maybe redoing the Attic so it's more dark and mysterious and that's likely at the most.

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