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Haunted Mansion Secrets


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We toured underneath the Haunted Mansion as part of the Marceline to Magic Kingdom your.
My daughter was 14 at the time and because she was too young to do Keys to the Kingdom, this tour was recommended. We saw how the ghost dining room party scene is created. Frankly, I did not understand it! It was strange being in the park so early. We started on Main Street and ended at Carousel of Progress.
Imagine standing in a well lit room looking outside to your patio at night through a plate glass door. You will see your reflection quite well due to the room being brighter than outdoors, but you can see your patio furniture just fine as well.

Now, shift the angle a bit, and you have the Haunted Mansion's effect.with your reflection being replaced with the Ballroom Dancers and the patio furniture being replaced with the Ballroom table.
The story of the haunted mansion is... there is no official story, walt himself said the castmembers will take care of the outside and the ghosts take care of the inside. its a house where Disney found ghosts to retire. this is reflected in the library scene where the best literary authors the mortal world had ever known retired to the mansion.
there are over 999 happy haunts in the mansion - all im sure with there own backgrounds and stories. the haunted mansion provides a sort of snap shot into the mansions ghosts. not a storyline to be followed I don't think.

the only story you can really put together from the ride is....

were invited to the mansion, as a potential ghost to be!, we board enter the mansion and the stretching room, meeting the ghost host hung from the rafters of the mansion, this was his only escape.

we enter the doom buggy and begin our tour, the beginning of the mansion we don't really see any ghosts, until madame leota summons the spirits to action, then we enter the ball scene - seeing ghosts for the first time in spirit form.

we then enter the attic where we meet the benevolent spirit of the bride, (its unclear if this is mrs gracy) the storyline has changed since 2006ish where the attic is now littered with wedding presents and portraits of weddings she has had and the heads of the grooms vanishing. for every husband she also gains another string of pearls around her neck.

she threatens the rider with the hatchet and we are flung out of the window backwards into the graveyard.
NOW a lot of people think we as the rider died... but if we had already died and become the final ghost then why are we told to hurry back with a gift certificate and to make final arrangements? - I think we as the rider just escape the ghost by jumping from the mansion into the graveyard.

I think the ghosts appearing in the yard are supposed to be scaring us away from the mansion not celebrating our arrival.

we are also informed a ghost will follow us home.

so all in all I don't think there is a story - its a collection of family friendly ghost scenes put to some catchy music and I LOVE IT its the mystery of the characters/story and mansion that keeps me interested and reading all the comics and urban legends.

just realised how much I have written and gone off on a tangent haha - back to work lol
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