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Harry Potter-What'd ya think?


Original Poster
So what'd you think of Harry? I thought it was fabulous, considering the whole plot of the book is so full-of-depth, the movie would be 3 1/2 hours long if they didn't cut a little out. And those leather seats really start to hurt after the first 2 or so hours.

That monsters, inc ad was hilarious!!!! It was brilliant. Really cool to see disney doing that!!!!

Anyway, what'd you think of him? And did you read the book or not. Wasn't Quidditch sweet, and the Dark Forest, too? Ohh boy, i can't wait for Chamber of Secrets!

Beauty and the

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I thought Harry Potter was absolutely superb, I have read all the books and even fought with my 11 year old to read Goblets of fire first!. The two and a half hours whizzed by, my 7 year old loved it that much he didn't even eat his goodies he was to engrossed in the movie. Hurry up with the second year I say. Lets hear it for Harry:sohappy: :sohappy:

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