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Eat before you go. Or go early and eat before the party starts. They close a majority of the restaurants and the ones that are open have a limited menu that is completely different than the norm.

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Such good advice.
I always eat a TS lunch outside of the park and then head in and eat QS for dinner so I'm not using 60-90 minutes of party time.
This year I'm eating at The Wave at 1pm :)


Thanks for the advice ! We’ll be going for the first time this year after having it recommended by a family at the airport ! Surely the evening is indulge yourself in something sweet...any excuse to do it !


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We got into the park and had an early dinner at Pinnochios village house about 5pm. Quick service is definitely a good plan and before 6pm as some characters start meeting or the line opens before the official start at 7pm.
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