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Guest Assistance Card question..

Pixie VaVoom

Well-Known Member
We are going to be at WDW for 7 days, and the CM's have adviced me to utilize the GAC, but i have not gotten the gist of it. Do I have to get a new GAC every day or every new park that we go to?? Or does 1 card cover our weeks stay?? Does anyone have any experience?? Thanks.

Tom Morrow

Well-Known Member
The GAC no longer exists. Instead there is a new card and program called DAS - Disability Access Service. A DAS card is good for up to 14 days. Speak with Guest Relations if you feel you might need to utilize this service.
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Depending on your disability they now provide DAS cards but only typically for mental disabilities. For physical disabilities they tell you to rent a wheelchair and wait in line.
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Well-Known Member
As per a podcast i heard today you have to argue that your disability keeps you from being around people otherwise rent a wheel chair and wait in line.
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