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Guess that Attraction


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Rock 'n' roller coaster

This is MY dream!

Tip Top Club

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He's not brave enough, he's afraid of whales and sharks and stuff!

Finding Nemo: The Musical!

"The Best thing about us, You can't live without us!"
That would be Ellen's Energy Adventure!The next quote is going to be a hard one! I'll let you guys know whether guys this one right or wrong! Good luck trying to figure this one out!

"You're next if ya don't shut up!"


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Aww no one for me to get?

Oh well

Held on to all of those flying machines brave folks just learning to fly....


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Delta Dreamflight

"Welcome back to those of you who made it, and a friendly word of warning"
*tries real hard to wait for someone else to post*

BLARRHHH I can't take it!

Tower of terror!

"Caution you are approaching the unloading area"
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