Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind vs TRON Lightcycle / Run

Which is the better ride?

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It's a tie for me. Although exciting and intense, both left me with motion sickness for several hours afterwards. Using my special tricks I got BG #1 both times but those rides were a one and done for any future visits.


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Guardians by a country mile. I've ridden Tron twice... the first time I think I pulled back one click to many and felt squished on the bike and it was actually painful going through some parts of the track. The second time I rode it I made sure not to pull it too tight, but the hunched over position and trying to look up while riding is just not comfortable. I'm over 6'3" and had no problem getting on and off the bike but maybe I'm just to tall, or old, to enjoy it. And honestly the track itself is just kind of boring. Guardians is just a lot of fun! I've ridden it four times but still haven't gotten One Way or Another yet which is the one I want most of all. Got Conga and Everybody Wants to Rule the World when I visited with my mom in 2022, and got September twice when I was there last year. But I really, really want Blondie!

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It's gotta be Guardians for me. Tron is a great launch, but just fell completely flat when you enter the building. Guardians was just an all around better experience. It had a better pre-show for starters. The theming during the rides are about the same. But where Guardians destroys Tron, is the actual coaster. Tron was sneeze and you're done. Guardians was a more unique ride experience with a very solid run time. That said, both could have been significantly better.


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I'm over 6'3" and had no problem getting on and off the bike but maybe I'm just too tall, or old, to enjoy it.
I enjoyed Tron, but it’s just too short of a ride, like the mine train. I’m 6’9”, so I can only ride when the insanos aren’t working (which is almost always), but besides the wheels in the back shortening the leg restraints, I didn’t have any issues with being comfortable on the ride. That being said, sometimes my legs get wedged in front of the wheel and someone else in my group has to yank my legs out from the restraints, which are just a little too short.

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I love the responses given in the GotG preshow.

Tron would be good ONLY if they had the famed villainous computer voice from Disneyland's Peoplemover, and if he finally gets us (read: we don't fare so well.)

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Tron is a great attraction , the show window when it goes clear is awesome, the guardians pre show will become soooo boring ( the rides terrific though ) but that show, everyone heads right straight away , so obvious it narrows down as the rush begins, Tron is not mediocre, it’s cool, a little short yes, but that lift off is great


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IMHO, these rides aren't even comparable. I love both, but I consider Tron a thrill ride. I love the initial acceleration at the beginning, but in terms of visuals, there isn't much. If you're a fan of the films, at least the ride makes some sense. GOTG, Cosmic Rewind is objectively just better, period. It's a real experience you come away from feeling like you've been immersed in the story. Tron fails on that score for me, but again, I love both rides and am very familiar with all of the movies. The visuals and music puts GOTG over the top.

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