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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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Why does everyone assume GoTG has to be related to energy? Kinda sound like that entire side of future world is becoming space themed. GotG, update to MS, new Space resturant.. Test Track is the only thing standing in the way of an entire all space themed area of the park.

.....because the building is called the Universe Of Energy Pavilion.


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Wow, I'm such a nerd


Wishing Star

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I find it funny that my first visit to Epcot was likely in 2008-2009. I never visited EPCOT Center, yet I feel the need to protect it...

Wow, I'm such a nerd :hilarious:
sound like you want to preserve the original ideals and themes of EPCOT.
I also feel the same, although my 1st visit was in the 90s.

I'm also a nerd, especially when it comes to Walt Disney's vision.:joyfull:


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No its that not every change is good, your assuming the additions are positive. UoE they could of created an attraction around the natural event of the big bang. Marvel properties have no relation to that. It would be the same if they added Doctor Strange in the WoL pavilion because ... well its Dr Strange.

Changing out UoE to a good old fashioned science of big bang event - good change. Adding an attraction celebrating inventions - good addition. Slapping a movie IP in the parks because ... change. Is a terrible philosophy to go by. When Lex said to make it more relevant to families truly shows how non of the leadership team understand Epcot or what it is meant to represent.

Aye. I was actually hoping for a new show with Neil DeGrasse Tyson hosting, seeing how the man is a scientific rock star for those of us who were watching Bill Nye as kids.

Dapper Dan

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I wonder if this will tie into the old Universe of Energy attraction somehow, as they keep the old building and the front still looks so similar. I think it would be cool if the attraction started like it was the old Universe of Energy and then suddenly the Guardians appear and you get into the roller coaster. Maybe a modern Bill Nye and Ellen can even still be involved.

I've always thought it is funny that both those actors, as well as Alex Trebek, are still active on TV today. They could have picked from many other actors that were big at the time but are no longer relevant today, yet all three still have their own TV shows decades later.
A moment of silence for Trebek's mustache, though.


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He has zero credibility as a scientist once he said the ideal gas law had nothing to do with footballs deflating in cold weather.

Probably outside the scope of this thread, but the story is much more complicated that you suggest here.

What Bill Nye said is that if you apply the ideal gas law, without accounting for the fact that what you measure is "gauge pressure", that you can't explain deflate gate the way people wanted to. He was mistaken, but for a subtle reason. If you measure the pressure correctly, you come to a different conclusion, that the effect is significant, but even then, it turns out to depend on the material properties of the ball in a way that makes the ideal gas law not the whole story.

He's an idiot!

Bill Nye is an ivy league credentialed engineer and has been a distinguished science educator for decades. I understand that some people don't like him, but not liking him doesn't make him an idiot or unfit for an Energy pavilion.
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This isn't really a hard concept.

Epcot. Needs. More. Rides. That. Fit. Into. The. Purpose. Of. Epcot.
Perhaps. Epcot's. Purpose. Has. Changed?

Tomorrowland isn't "Tomorrow" land, Disney Studios is no longer a studio, Animal Kingdom now features a land with fantasy characters, Disney's California Adventure barely has anything to do with California anymore. Things change.


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Hmm... Something I like is being replaced by something I like.

Here's my take on how this "could" fit.

Peter Quill had been to Epcot Center, so he has context on what the park was like. Imagine you had a friend from that time that went missing.
Where'd he go?
All over the galaxy.
Now he's back, and he has his own spaceship.
Imagine catching up with a friend like that. Maybe he'd take you off to show you everything Epcot stood for, but as he's experienced it- for real. Other planets. Undersea worlds. Crazy forms of energy. Bizarre aliens with bizarre forms of communication. Unbelievable forms of transportation. Lots and lots of imagination and great music. Like Horizons told by someone who's had too many Red-Bulls.

I am concerned, but hopeful. Disney is my comfort zone after all.

I too will miss the dinos (if they are in fact leaving.) They are pretty much copies of the one's on the Disneyland Railroad, and were dated by even 80's standards. Part of me hopes they just re-skin them and make them into alien creatures.

Hopefully we'll get more info when the ride goes down in August.


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Yeah, people with different thoughts are the worst.

If only there were forums where people gush constantly, that would be worthwhile.
Different thoughts that actually contribute to the conversation are great, constantly complaining about the same thing for years is something entirely different. Epcot is changing and will continue to change if you don't like the direction it's going don't visit.

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