Great Moments in History to return for limited time during holidays

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The Declaration of Independence one is the better one in my opinion. That being said, I’m glad to see this return in any capacity, and I wish it would stick around. It’s a well-executed integration of IP in Liberty Square.


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This is crazy. This and all the other entertainment cut should be restored. Currently at Tokyo Disney amazed at the amount of entertainment offerings has me shook. Tokyo Disneyland has almost too much streetmosphere not to mention that they are running 3 parades a day including the best day (dream up) and by far best night parade around and that’s just at one park. You should see the Christmas show at Disney Sea! WDW and DL should be ashamed.


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Hey @wdwmagic, your in link in the tweet about this news is busted:
The is in the tweet as ""

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