Got Disney + ? What was the FIRST thing you chose to watch?


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A Bug's Life. The best Pixar movie ever needs a little numbers love. 💙


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Y'all be careful. Maybe use a VPN.
Dont use same login and password all over the place and you won't have this problem. So many people re-use passwords with email login once compromised the hackers they them everywhere and usually get very good results. Still many using qwerty, password, 12345678 and so on.


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Like a few folks on here, I started with my favorite Mickey short, Steamboat Willie. After that I had to go to something I had been looking forward to since it was announced, The Imagineering Story. So far, 2 episodes in and that is a wonderful documentary.

Since then I've watched Waking Sleeping Beauty, the special on decorating the Disney Parks for the holidays and TRON.

So far, their service from a content standpoint is well worth the money. I already have the classic movies on DVD, but having them here to watch is a great bonus. I have to remember to check the "Extras" when I look at something to make sure I get to see those as well!

Anders Limpar

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Not the first thing I watched but I've watched Treasure Planet and Brother Bear (first time watching both) and quite enjoyed both. Right now I'm watching Mr Boogedy for the first time.


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I watched National Geographic’s Wild Yellowstone: The Frozen Frontier

My kind of Frozen 😀


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I like how they have Ralph Breaks The Internet on there, but you can't watch it until the 11th due to "existing agreements". If it's unavailable to stream, don't have it as an option.
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